Promoting Your Story

Don’t Be Afraid to Advertise

Put up signs at school, in church, in local businesses. Make it an all-out community project. People love to rally around a cause. If you have a local call-in radio program, give them a call. It’s a great place  to tell everyone your story and how they can help. Contact the local newspaper and send them a press release about your campaign. There are many ways to get the word out – you just need to get creative.

Make, Ship, Love

What do you do once your campaign is successfully funded? Just sit back and we take it from there! Your garment design will go to the printer then will be shipped right to the front doors of all your campaign supporters. The funds raised will funnel straight into the account you have set up with I Heart Garments.*

This is also when we say a HUGE thank you for running a campaign with I Heart Garments! We are proud to be able to share your heartfelt story of something great. We think of your garment as a billboard; a way to spread the love and spark conversations about social good in our communities.

*(Make sure to read about the shipping policies and the account policies for more information!)