What is I Heart Garments?
I Heart Garments is a company made up of a team who, in the end, want to help spread the love of doing good in our communities and recognize these individuals for making a difference. Through what we call “campaigns”, we share the heartfelt stories of people doing good and help them in raising funds for a cause by way of offering quality garments with unique, exceptional designs. Learn more.

What is I Heart Garments driving force?
This is the part we get excited about! Our driving force is our want and need to highlight the inspirational stories of people in our communities. There are so many good people helping others out there and their stories never get told. We have the opportunity to be the platform that shares the stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things. We are thrilled to be taking it!

How do you know when a campaign launches?
Once a campaign launches, it is considered “live” and gives you the ability to support and purchase a garment. It will not be visible if it has not yet launched.

How long does each campaign run?
Each campaign runs for 21 days. This is an optimal length of time for supporters to crowd-fund and support a campaign!

What happens when the campaign ends?
Once the campaign ends, we go to work! All garments ordered will be printed and shipped within 7 days of the last day of the campaign.

Why does I Heart Garments give $8 per garment?
Because of our many business, manufacturing, and printing costs, we are able to give $8 back to the campaign. Giving $8 also allows us to keep our garment costs within a reasonable price range.

Who designs your art?
I Heart Garments employs a full-time design team that we are proud and lucky to have working with us! Since a huge part of I Heart Garments is the garment designs, we couldn’t be who we are without our artists. Each member of the design team has a background in design, drawing on architecture, art, fashion, and the environment for inspiration.

Do I keep rights to the design used if I am accepted to run a campaign?
Unfortunately, no. Our artists work hard to make sure you have a quality design, with each illustration developed from their own great minds. Out of respect for each designer and their original works, each garment design will remain property of I Heart Garments.

Do your garments shrink?
All of our garments are pre-shrunk but we do recommend washing in cold water. We do not recommend drying in high heat due to possible shape loss and fading. We highly recommend following all washing/drying instructions carefully for each garment.

Where are your garments made and printed?
All of our garments are made in the USA and China. As we grow, we plan to develop and create fabrics of our own, all made in the United States.

All of our garments are designed by local artists and manufactured, printed and shipped from right here in Columbus, Ohio.

What type of garment do you guys print on?
We print on high-quality, fair trade garments that are made of any of the following: 100% ring-spun cotton, poly/cotton mix, or tri-blend cotton/poly/rayon fabric. We love all the fit choices and the fabrics are extremely comfortable. We have personally tried them all and even tested out the styles on many friends. We knew we chose the right garments when they begged for more!

What type printing do you use?
Our printers offer different types of printing techniques including water based, discharge and plastisol. All of the inks are phthalate free, which is not only environmentally safe, but allows us to maintain our “green” approach to screen printing.

Is your website secure?
Yes, your order is securely transmitted and stored.

What is your privacy policy?
Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details on how we collect and use information.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is a set price within the continental US of $6.

How much is international shipping?
$11 will be added to all international orders for shipping.

 If I order multiple products, do they ship in one package?
Because of our uniquely designed packaging, each garment is boxed individually and will ship like that as well.

How long does it typically take to receive my garment?
This is dependent on the length of each campaign and where you live. Check out our shipping policy for further explanation.

How do your garments fit?
For the women: Our women’s garments have a more fitted/athletic type fit. If you like a roomier garment, we suggest ordering the next size up. Depending on the style, you can also choose to order a men’s garment. If a garment has unisex sizing, it will be noted.

For the men: From the feedback we have received from our garment testers, most fabrics and styles are true to size with a regular fit. If you like a roomier fit that looks slouchy, order one size up. For the garments that are made with a tri-blend fabric, this fabric is super soft, but thinner and less forgiving for those of us who don’t like a fitted top. Tri-blends tend to ‘show more’, which is something to think about when ordering a size. If you don’t like a slim fit, we suggest ordering one size up. Check out the style guides for each garment when you purchase.

Can I exchange my garment for another size?
Due to the fact that I Heart Garments is campaign based and we print to fulfill campaign orders, we do not keep stock of past campaign garments. For that reason, exchanges cannot be made if you order the wrong size because there aren’t any extras! Take the time to read the size guide and/or ask questions to make sure your garment fit is a perfect match.

What is your return policy?
We take great pride in the quality and design of our garments and the ability to give back to worthy causes and we know you will love your garment so much you couldn’t possibly think about parting with it, ever! However, in the event of a defect or if you are unsatisfied in any way, please send us an email at info@iheartgarments.com explaining your reason for return. We aim for 100% satisfaction.

Are you a Non-Profit company?
Actually no. We are a for-profit entity. In the early stages we asked this question of ourselves and were asked this question by many others. Being a non-profit comes with many guidelines, detailed regulations and requirements. Because of those stipulations, we agreed that a for-profit designation would allow us to really help the people we intended to from the beginning of our company idea. With this decision, we have given ourselves many more opportunities to LIVE. BE. SHARE. LOVE.