Defining Your Campaign and Setting the Goal

Determine the Financial Need

What do you hope to achieve with your campaign? How much money do you want to raise for your worthy cause? Put some thought into what you would like to accomplish as you plan your campaign and set a fundraising goal.

If you can think of a specific item that your worthy cause needs, that’s great! Attaching your story to a concrete need will help establish your goal and can also inspire your donors. Explaining how any extra funds would be used can be a real plus. Here’s just one example: “The first $1000 pays for 10 service dog vests for Canine Companions for Independence® and any additional funds will be used for dog food.”  If you don’t have a concrete need, explain to the audience exactly where the money raised will be put to use.

We encourage and support you to raise as much money as you need, but remember, we do have a 75 minimum garment sale goal.  In order for us to give back the largest amount of money to your cause and pay our bills along with our team salaries,  a 75 minimum goal is the magic number.  We have to take a lot of ‘stuff’ into consideration such as garment costs and minimums, printing costs and minimums, and the cost and time and it takes for our artists to create your designs.  So be positive, spread the word and reach a campaign goal of at least 75 garments!

How Your Campaign Is Funded

Overall, your campaign is funded through the sales of garments designed for your cause. Each time a garment is purchased on behalf of your campaign, I Heart Garments will donate $8 to your cause. The size of your campaign is totally decided by YOU. In order to have a campaign with us, the minimum set goal is 75 garments sold. If you want to raise $8,000 for your cause—hey, that’s great! You would then need to campaign for 1,000 garments. With a minimum goal of 75 garments, you would raise $600 for your cause.

What does all of this mean? Well, once your campaign is over (minimum goal is 75 garments), all garments are printed and shipped.  Also, no money is collected from your contributors until your campaign is over. Once you reach your goal at the end of the campaign, money is collected, $8 per garment is transferred to your worthy cause, and the garments are produced and shipped to your supporters. (***Again, a minimum set goal of 75 garments is required). Exceeding your goal is a great achievement.

Think About the Reach of Your Social Network

How many potential contributors are in your social network? This includes those in your community as well as online contacts. How many of them are likely to donate to your cause? Do many of them already know about your heartfelt story and want to contribute and help spread the word? Estimating the reach of your social network is essential to determining a reasonable goal and making sure that the minimum garment order can be met.

Setting Your Campaign Deadline

All campaigns run for 21 days.  After running several campaigns, we have found this to be the optimal length of time to spread the word, creating a sense of urgency to support.  21 days also allows supporters to receive their awesome garments in a relatively short amount of time!