Choosing Your Garment Styles

“You pick the styles. We pick the colors.”

For your campaign, you can choose 3 different styles of garments. These can be any combination of men’s and women’s styles you prefer. The color of your garment will depend on the final design we create for your campaign. We have some of the best artists around and we trust their knowledge on color and design!

Women’s Sizing vs. Men’s

When it comes to great tees, one common complaint we hear from women is, “there are only men sizes!”

We have taken the time to search for a garment line that offers styles in women’s and men’s sizes along with many styles suitable for both men and women. Keep in mind, the women’s styles are smaller and much more fitted than the men’s. If you like a slouchy tee and you want a women’s size, we suggest sizing up.

Many of the men’s styles can easily be worn on both a man and a woman. In our early days, we did a lot of garment testing and from the feedback, here’s what we can share:

The women all agreed: the 60/40 poly/cotton blend fabric garments in the men’s sizes, were the best fit for women.

Most men and women agreed: the tri-blend fabric is definitely the softest, most luxurious, yet thin and less ‘forgiving’.

The women sizes are small and fitted and curvy women always sized up.

The men sizes were true to size in all styles and fabrics

As always, if you have more questions about choosing style, feel free to send us an email and we will help you out!

Styles and Fabrics

When you are choosing your garment styles, consider the descriptions and fabrics of each. In general, the 100% cotton styles are less stretchy and more structured in shape with a tiny bit of shrinkage. The 60/40 poly/cotton blend fabrics are soft and lofty with a true to size fit. The tri-blends are a customer favorite, with a fabric that is preshrunk, VERY soft and stretchy, but less forgiving; being the thinnest fabric we offer.