What is I Heart Garments?

I Heart Garments is a crowd-funding platform to assist individuals and/or organizations in raising funds for a cause. Our website offers an opportunity for these people to submit a heartfelt story and upon acceptance, start a campaign, set a monetary goal and sell garments specifically designed for them in support of their cause. Once the campaign is over, we create the garments, ship to the supporters and give $8 for each garment sold back to the inspiration tied to the story.

Our inspiration and drive behind what we do begins with the idea that stories of people doing good in their communities are not often widely recognized.  I Heart Garments shares stories of a variety of people to the world. In addition, we recognize that many are without an efficient way to raise funds.  I Heart Garments promotes their stories and gives back to the worthy causes: “Crowd sourcing for the Good”.   And with widely appealing designed garments hard to find, we take great care in offering quality apparel with unique, exceptional designs.  Browse our website and learn about the people who have inspired so many others.  Support the good that inspires you by purchasing a garment and while you are here, you might be motivated to share a story, too.

The Founders

Cody Warren

Cody, an entrepreneur at birth, made a promise at 7 years old not only to be the proud owner and founder of a great company, but to also find a way to help people at the same time.

Anita Gonzalez

Anita, an educator known for her style and great taste, made a promise to herself as a teen to inspire others to do good, be great, and dress even better.